November 7th at 4:12 PM



On Friday we threw a keg party and everything went pretty well.  The party was at Neal's house and we took some time to spruce his house up all nice, moving furniture around and hanging Christmas lights, because Goddamn it, good lighting is important in this day and age, but it sure didn't help any of us get ass.  I drank a lot of beer and for the most part kept busy tending to the music; I managed to spin Pixies and Guns 'N Roses and Beach Boys, and folks seemed generally satisfied.

It's easy to forget which day is which.  I can never get up as early as I hope to, but I suppose we all know what that is like.  Blah Blah Blah.  Carlisle Pennsylvania will probably end up sitting in my head as one large mostly isolated chunk of time, with a fair amount of through plot, but it's too early to tell for sure.  We have managed to do all kinds of cool things, though.  As a rule, I don't support compartmentalization.

On Saturday Jonas and I hung around all day, and then we ate some liquid and took a long walk, and the liquid didn't do much, but we had a nice time anyway.  We walked west out of Carlisle and strode through deep country fraught with colors and devoid of structures.  There was a huge graveyard that we passed through, and long roads flanked by white trash abodes, and trees and the usual country stuff.  We found this little river and sat for an hour listening to a Phil and Friends concert on my portable CD player, and we smoked cigarettes and waited for the trip to kick in but it never did, and meanwhile we were talking about technology and the direction of humanity and big questions like that, but they didn't seem so large and they still don't.  It's all Game Theory, we agreed, and sometimes I get excited about what it would mean to fully come to terms with that fact, to accept the rules of the game and become so comfortable with the game that you could turn those rules to your advantage.  Faith.  America is so young.  Humans have only known that the earth is round for about 150 years, I think.  Infancy.  It's something to think about.

I'm really into yogurt these days.  Whussup with that?

Drugs and discovery and travel and creativity.  Fuck.