November 8th at 5:12 PM



Today I made some illegal copies of compact disks and I surfed around a bit and downloaded dome great music and I took out the trash and I walked outside in the cold sunshine for a while and I ate some pasta.  Technology is funny because you frequently need to be intelligent to make real good use of it, so you feel smart, but when the day is done I wonder if I've really improved my life or grown smarter by using it.  This computer certainly makes me feel more productive.

Eyeballs, Eyeballs, Eyeballs.  I somehow managed to get the Omni Site selected as Useless Page of the Week by  I'm not sure how this happened, but the page is now up to about 5,000 hits.  If only yahoo would list the damn thing, we'd be in business.  Hey, why is cooking so relaxing?  Jonas and I cooked for a couple of friends last night, and it all came out pretty yummy  This three cheese chicken we made was quite nice.  And cheers to the good people at Progresso for their quality French Onion Soup.  Jeers to our local Weis Market for sucking ass.

Mmm, coffee.  So yummy.