In Rainbows + Cover Art

posted 10 Oct 2007, 11AM | 6 Comments

I'm very much enjoying the new Radiohead album, In Rainbows. In case you missed last week's music industry buzz, follow that link to download a digital copy of the album at whatever price you'd like to play. A good deal.

Though it opens with a burst of Hail to the Theif energy, the lyrics and melody of Rainbows feel more like 1995's The Bends than their moe recent records. It's still 21st century experimental artrock, but after 3 listens I'm reminded of lovesongs like Fade Out and the most beautiful shimmering moments of Kid A. Such lovely, layered production. [Note: insert clever meaningless phrase here like, "An overcast Pet Sounds for the earbud generation".] A solid next step for the band.

In case you grabbed the digital download and want a pretty picture for your iPod, check out these cover art ideas for In Rainbows on hicksdesign.

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10 Oct 07 at 08:54PM steve-o said:

Am I suffering from downs syndrom? I can't get to a point on the site to download the album. What the hell is the matter with me?


11 Oct 07 at 10:02AM sixfoot6 said:

Yeah, apparently the site has been slammed, though it seems to be working okay now. You can always track it down on filesharing networks and then pay a few bucks when the site is running more smoothly.

I'm liking the record more and more.


11 Oct 07 at 08:51PM Virgil said:

I just downloaded the whole album and it's a really excellent move from there to here. I've listened to the whole thing maybe two to three times, but I think I need to get the disc in hand. At least for me, there's no better way to listen to an album then in the dark, driving a good distance aways and then back again. Pre-order. Click.


13 Oct 07 at 07:23PM sixfoot6 said:



23 Oct 07 at 04:54AM Lusic said:

Great album. It's definitely better that Kid A and the following albums.
All I Need - Great song

Very nice


16 Dec 07 at 08:12AM ydcsav slpwdmj said:

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