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posted 17 Aug 2007, 9PM | 22 Comments

Ah, website. I feel like we barely know each other anymore. You're like an old co-worker I pass in the hall every couple of days... but thanks to my recent promotion we just don't have much occasion to interact anymore. Lunch sometime? Sure, I'd like that. Actually, I brought my lunch today, and I've got meetings the rest of the week, but we should definitely get together soon. Sure, sure, definitely.

No, that model doesn't quite hold. Let's be bold and honest with each other, dear website. We haven't had a truly intimate relationship in about 4 years. You were the good friend I used to go drinking with every night, but once you helped me get a full time job in your office, I got sick of seeing your face. Now after quittin' time I'm ready to step away from the internet. I've got a wife and a house, website. Our friendship can only go so deep.

Here's my simplest confession: I believe my priorities are the right ones. But every time I put a creative idea on the back burner (an occurrence now more and more frequent) a small pair of eyes inside me cries, just a little.

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18 Aug 07 at 08:43AM Jeremy said:

Could it really be the end? Are you putting it out to pasture? Was the website really just a ploy to jumpstart your career?

If you are going to ease the site into official retirement, do it in style: A huge three-day keg party, drugs, strobe lights. Really big florescent fonts, preferably wingding.


20 Aug 07 at 02:01PM Jenny said:

There is no end! There is only neglect and a dwindling number of people who still check, hoping for new stuff only to be bummed to find the same post as last week, and the week before.
I have the same relationship with my blog, and then suddenly I have new photos and extra time at work and I've posted twice in one week! Such is the ebb and flow.


20 Aug 07 at 06:40PM J. Dunn said:

Do people (such as yourself, and many of my other web-friends who have semi-disappeared) really work so hard during work hours that they can't steal time for this kind of thing? I probably do 5 hours of actual work in the 8 that I'm there. I think I failed to get on the Getting Things Done Train before it left the station. Or perhaps just the Adulthood Train. I just refuse to discipline myself in that way. Of course, I also have a pretty unchallenging job that allows me to get away with that and still do good work. And I know I'm not going to be satisfied with that career situation indefinitely.

It sucks that these choices are required at all though. I used to think they were false choices, and you could do it all(at least until you settled down and had kids... that seems like a whole other ballgame), but more and more I think you have to choose between an interesting career and your personal creative work, unless you are one of the lucky few who can get paid for same. Sad. Of course, I still haven't really chosen one way or another, but I'll probably have to soon enough.


21 Aug 07 at 03:35PM sixfoot6 said:

I used to steal time for blogging all the time, but now I just don't. If I didn't work at a computer all day long, it would be a different story. When I have free time, I want to get away from the computer.

Sometimes I'm at my computer, but can't focus. In those cases, logging in to compose a blog entry would be conceding that "yes, for the next 30 mins, I'm not going to do the work I'm supposed to be doing." Instead, I just surf around reading for 90 mins.

I haven't made this site a priority in a long time, and that's been a choice. But I think my original point remains the chief one: sitting around designing blogs + websites for other people all day fills me with ideas for my own site, but saps my interest to express or implement them.


26 Aug 07 at 06:21PM Rusty said:

Oh man. That goes double for me. It turns out we are the first internet drop out generation too.


29 Aug 07 at 02:36PM Anders said:

Great blog, very good design - iґll check back here for sure!

Best regards //Anders


5 Sep 07 at 07:41AM Jake said:

Ryan I need this site. For instance. Watching the key solo link I enjoyed some wonderful nostalgia. Matt , my college roomate used to be big into that video (like 4 years ago) and would put it on his loud stereo and project in out onto the hallway wall of the our dorm. These feelings of nostalgia led me to look up "yatta" to see how the whole fad was going. This led to me singing that oh so addictive song for three days, much to the chagrin of my loved ones. Ryan, without your even infrequent posts, i would have too many friends. The internet enables me to not need so many people. But you have an involved life with other people who need you, and I respect that. But just try to do what you can to help those of us who still need you here.

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