Goals for this year's SXSW

posted 10 Mar 2007, 7AM | 2 Comments

As usual the first day of the conference was a whirlwind of hugs and drinks. Already, Twitter is turning out to be a huge novel organizing / humor force. Funny how tech innovations so quickly grab hold and affect the behavior of geeks. And last night I bumped into a few friends I didn't expect to see, so things are off to a good start.

Personal goals and guidelines for this year:

  1. Take notes during panels, only as necessary. At the end of each day, distill each panel down to a 3 sentence lesson that I can post here and refer to later for inspiration and action.
  2. When notes aren't necessary, close the damn laptop and look the speakers in the eye.
  3. Note the podcast URLs of great panels I couldn't get to.
  4. When it comes to lunch and bar outings, stop trying to please everybody all of the time. If the administration overhead gets rough, bail.
  5. Find a small goup of people during nighttime activities, just like the old days. As Break Bread With Brad taught us on Friday night, there's not much rewarding about giant parties. And they're only going to get bigger.
  6. Get to know 3 new people every day. Have an in-depth conversation with one of them
  7. Introduce myself to anyone who's standing around alone. Everyone likes to talk, but none of these indoor geeks know where to start.
  8. Drink less, get up early, take advantage of the free Residence Inn buffet breakfast daily.

We'll see how many of these are possible. I can't believe how many people are hear this yeaar. It's like a festival rock show.

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11 Mar 07 at 09:02AM Sandor said:

Did I write this? I feel exactly the same way. Let me know how it goes.


14 Aug 08 at 09:37AM Вика said:

Интересно написано, действительно все прочитала на одном дыхании :)

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