Wedding Candids, Home Sweet

posted 25 Aug 2006, 8PM | 1 Comments

The talented Mr. Sam Bennet took candids during our wedding. His highlights are so beautiful that I thought they deserved a new entry. Click through. They capture the day well.

Jenny and I have been staying for several days in Chiang Mai, in the north of Thailand. Great people here. It doesn't feel so different from anywhere else.

It's odd. From the other side of the Pacific, the whole wedding whirlwind seems far away, like I'm not quite sure it really happened. That day was a blur, of course. And now, missing home isn't a simple thing - home was Santa Barbara for two weeks before the wedding, home has been Massachusetts for the past year. When I think about home, I'm not sure of where to think.

Travel enough and you start to feel at home everywhere. Carry like a camel.

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26 Aug 06 at 05:56PM hannah said:

Congrats on the wedding. Marriage! (a stand in for the sentence, "Marriage deserves an exclamation point." )

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