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On the 8th day of rain, things change. What had been physical adaptation, locational adaptation now gives way to emotional adaptation. The head starts to change baselines, the heart starts to actually believe the sun has left our lives, we'll live life this way from now on, a narrower amplitude of pleasure, gray and green like we're locked in a closet. Locked on Venus while the flowers bloom somewheres else.

There's so much fucking spring outside I can taste it.

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17 May 06 at 10:46AM Brittany Ashforth said:

Joke from children in Juneau, AK

"Mommy,why does the sky sometimes turn blue?"


18 May 06 at 04:13PM cheamp said:

There was an old sci-fi movie such as you have described. I believe it was on Venus. They only got sun every eight years. A little girl that had moved from earth, told all the other children about what the sun was like. Then, on the one day the sun came out, a school bully locked her in a closet and she missed it.


18 May 06 at 04:54PM sixfoot6 Author Profile Page said:

yes, that's the one. i saw the film when i was seven years old and never forgot it. it's based on a Ray Bradbury story called All Summer in a Day.


18 May 06 at 09:39PM Virg said:

The grass in my dog's yard was so high it took me over three hours to mow it with a weed wacker. Almost nipple high. And my front yard will not stop oozing water, but then again most of Southern New Hampshire kinda looks and feels like a sponge in the bottom of a sink. Squishy. Leaky.


18 May 06 at 11:45PM jenredstar said:

So Virg, I guess since you were out with the weed wacker... Kathy has not popped out the babies yet? I've been thinking of you guys often wondering when all of the fun is gonna go down. I'll be kickin it in Cali for the weekend, where the weather is always perfect.


23 May 06 at 10:37AM Virg said:

For all wondering, we are scheduled for this Friday, May 26th, for the all mighty C-section. The babies and mommy are doing great, besides the fact that the babies are huge. The boy is 8.5 lbs and the girl is 8.2 lbs already. Let the good times roll.


23 May 06 at 04:41PM sixfoot6 Author Profile Page said:

Christ. 16.7 lbs of kid in there? You'll all be in our thoughts, man. LET THOSE GUYS OUT!


30 May 06 at 01:40PM Maria loves pictures said:

I think the rain is a pleasure for some people who depend on it. People like farmers, gardening hobbyists, the weather forecaster and rain praising voodo masters.

Sometimes rain can be warm and refreshing too !

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