Come Again Some Other Day

posted 14 Oct 2005, 4PM | 3 Comments

I know I complained about the homogeny of weather when I was still rocking SoCal, but this is effing ridiculous. It's like being trapped in a damp Ray Bradbury morality play, swamped by Venetian monsoons. I'm quickly adapting, and I now think of sunny days as "the before time". As Kellen said last night at a leaonardhoo! organized Bostonian geek dinner, "New England has one truly beautiful month. Just one." And here it be raining on us. By the time it's dry enough to step out and look at the crayola autumn, all the leaves will have rotted away into carbon-based mush.

I'm making a living doing freelance design in my kitchen, and designing/implementing political campaign sites with the likes of Rusty Foster and Jerome Armstrong. It's a good living, and as busy periods subside I'm slowly returning to this here personal site. I've got some new ideas in the works. I'm developing my skills.

In the meantime, I've helped my dear Jenny (who's miles away in Santa Barbara right now, sadly) set up her own weblog at She designed the layout, and I think it looks great. Congrats! Welcome to the wonderful world of websiting. Incidentally, Jenny's put most of the second leg of our roadtrip photos up as a Flickr set. HOLLA.

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15 Oct 05 at 01:47PM carroll Gantz said:

Ryan (Gantz or Pants-I'm confused) but if Gantz, that's my line and I've done a lot of genealogy on the name. Can you tell me your parents & grandparents names & original location of birth? I may be able to connect you to ancestors. p.s. I'm also a well-known industrial designer and author. I like your creative bent! Oh, p.p.s. I'm male & 74.


17 Oct 05 at 09:15AM sixfoot6 said:

My last name is indeed Gantz - the Pants thing is kind of a sporadic web pseudonym. Thanks for stopping by, and for the compliments! I'll email you with some geneology stuff soon.


24 Oct 05 at 11:52AM Andre Torrez said:

Mr. Pants, it seems you have won this year's Grand Prize in the United National World Sweepstakes. Please send me your bank account number.

Also, I prefer Andyhoo!

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