FUCK. A Coincidental Capture?

posted 29 Jul 2004, 2PM | 3 Comments

The New Republic Online: July Surprise?:

Earlier this month, John B. Judis, Spencer Ackerman, and Massoud Ansari broke the story of how the Bush administration was pressuring Pakistani officials to apprehend high-value targets (HVTs) in time for the November elections--and in particular, to coincide with the Democratic National Convention. Although the capture took place in central Pakistan "a few days back," the announcement came just hours before John Kerry will give his acceptance speech in Boston.

See also the Tavis Smiley interview on this issue I blogged on July 12th. I think I'm going to throw up.

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1 Aug 04 at 11:52PM tt said:

oh please. the new republic? why don't you read some intelligent discourse. Tavis Smiley? gag. why don't you check out robert spencer, monsoor ijaz or john batchelor? then you'll have credible news.


11 Aug 04 at 09:36AM star said:

I don't understand this response at all - is it a joke? They suggest an ABC news radio guy, a FOX news foreign affairs expert, and the author of "Jihad Watch?"

Not my choices for "credible news" but, hey, whatever. In the meantime, why not deal with the fact that what the New Republic reported as a possibility ACTUALLY HAPPENED? what the hell is it with people so caught up in ideology - how much more "credible" do you want your "news?"


11 Aug 04 at 09:55AM Ryan said:

Yes, the fact that the New Republic scooped historic events three weeks ahead of time would seem to lend serious credibility to the periodical.

But the media never picked it up. I even wrote some newspapers.

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