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posted 8 Feb 2004, 10PM | 8 Comments

Last night at Mel's Diner in Hollywood, my friend Leonard set a new high water mark for Personal Geekdom that impressed me. As a group of us sat around the table, snacking and enjoying alcohol-tempered conversation, I looked over to see Leonard checking the referrer logs for his weblog on his Treo 600 pda/phone. And because the overhead lights were bright, he was holding it inside the glare-free cavity of his Electronic Frontier Foundation baseball cap. A priceless moment.

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8 Feb 04 at 09:02PM alison said:

i love that leonard. remember when we saw him at the keynote typing notes on a portable keyboard that attached to his palm pilot? aah, 2001.


9 Feb 04 at 11:11AM Ryan said:

Ah, Leonard. Ah, 2001. But those days are over now...


9 Feb 04 at 01:01PM StephanieKlein said:

What's so geek about that exactly?


9 Feb 04 at 01:16PM alison said:

those days are gone, you can never go back.


9 Feb 04 at 01:21PM ryan said:

Exactly 5 things are geek about this:

1. Unnecessary use of tech devices during late night, post bar socializing.
2. The Treo 600 PDA/Phone is itself a geeky device.
3. Using this device to browse the web.
4. Browsing the web for your weblog REFERER logs, which only a geek would care about.
5. An EFF hat? Who owns an EFF hat?


9 Feb 04 at 02:46PM Anil said:

I have an EFF t-shirt. it's really quite ugly, i'm sad to say.


14 Feb 04 at 12:52PM BizNitch said:

Do any of ya'll ever get laid...and is techi-sex even really worth taking of your clothes and risking losing a button?


14 Feb 04 at 04:49PM leonard said:

biznitch, what is this techi-sex you refer to? it sounds intriguing. except for the button losing part.

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