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posted 29 Aug 2003, 12PM | 4 Comments

My girlfriend lives in the heart of tinseltown, and parking a car at night is no easy task, especially in my boat. But the reward for finding a space at 11pm on Hollywood Blvd is a long walk humanity spectacle: the skinny fellow staring at the ground, a jittery white woman with frizzed hair trying to give a cigarette to a twenty-something punk passed out in a doorway, a red-eyed bearded man buttoning up his shirt on a bus stop bench, the shifty-eyed gentleman in the dirty grey tank top. There's the big dark fella charging his cell phone on the wall inside the check-cashing store, and the occassional ugly drag queen. When it comes to freaks, we've got Boston beat. Still, people don't scare me much.

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30 Aug 03 at 12:11AM girlfriend said:

So...the reward is the long walk, eh? ;)


30 Aug 03 at 09:56AM ryan said:

Well, and getting to see you, of course. Dear.


1 Sep 03 at 03:05PM Lisser said:

Good save brother. You're so quick.


2 Sep 03 at 01:41PM kenji said:

what about central square, at about 1:30 am, after the gay bars start to clear out into grimy pizza joints after drag queen competitions? truly surreal.

awesome new design, by the way, ryan.

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