Bursting with Flavor

posted 26 Aug 2003, 3PM | 10 Comments

I stood in front of tables and tables of overpriced colors; I stared at bags and buckets of red, green and orange fruit. I had hovered in the same spot just 14 months before, and the basic effect was the same: the noise, the shiny hues, the faint fishy scent. I didn't even bother taking many pictures, because the ones I could remember taking during last year's trip seemed lovely enough. My camera had grown a bit testier in the interim, too. It's a pretty crappy camera, really. I can't afford a new one yet. There were tourists all around us. Josh and I spent a lot of money on produce, there on Pier 39. I've never eaten such delicious cherries; as we walked across the thick, wooden wharf, trash barrels appeared every few paces, perfectly timed for our pits and stems.

Design inspiration comes sporadically, but never when I'm doing client work. I'll stare at a monitor for hours, like I'm tired and stoned, mesmerized by cherries in the sun. But catch the right glance at some random photograph... and a fruity layout designs itself within three hours. I take inspiration when it comes. I miss color, even when it's right in front of me. Hello again.

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26 Aug 03 at 10:33AM ryan said:

This post means comments are working. Thoughts?


26 Aug 03 at 12:03PM R. said:

This new layout is heavenly. I mean that. I love it.


26 Aug 03 at 01:13PM Martha said:

Mmm, welcome back! SixFruit6 indeed.


26 Aug 03 at 03:19PM katia said:

I'm so glad to have you back! This design really is gorgeous. Very fecund. Mmmmm. Plus, you've always seems a little fruity to me ;)


27 Aug 03 at 07:05AM East Coast Adam said:

Glad to see your back amongst the living... I was scared for a while


27 Aug 03 at 11:06AM ryan said:

There's more to life than writing on websites all the time, ADAM. Jeez!


27 Aug 03 at 05:29PM V said:

The update reminds me of early Saturday mornings with my mom and dad buying fruits and vegetables at the North End Hay Market.

You best call my ass when you get into town.


29 Aug 03 at 07:53PM Chris said:

Damn, good to see you back. New design looks great.


31 Aug 03 at 10:10PM rabi said:

whoa! hello!


4 Sep 03 at 09:22PM kellegous said:

had you not introduced this new design, i would have surely come down with scurvy.

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