Warning - Unexploded WWII Bomb

posted 13 Mar 2003, 8PM | 3 Comments

The following is an actual email that I found in my inbox this morning:

Dear Ryan Pants, Resident.

It has come to our attention that there is a powerful (6 ton) WWII bomb unexploded underneath your residence. This does not pose a threat as so now, but we see if your offspring are living in the house in around 2100, the lack of the residence renewal MAY cause the bomb the go off. There is no way that you can prevent this, but nearer the time, we may have to use a controlled explosion to remove. You are in no such danger yet, this is just to warn you DO NOT drill lower than your floor/cellar floor or you may cause around 100 deaths. More information will be sent to the address in 50 years. DO NOT let this frighten you, for it cannot hurt anyone if you follow our precautions mentioned above.

Live a long happy life,

Julie Bornstein
Director, California Department of Housing

Nothing like a quality prank email from one of my many talented friends.

There are 3 Comments


13 Mar 03 at 09:42PM R. said:

That was good.


13 Mar 03 at 10:09PM Adam said:

That scared the shit out of me!
Dear Adam,
You are gullibul. Or paranoid.


16 Mar 03 at 08:57AM Magic Johnson said:

Run for the hills man...sweet jesus, run for those hills!

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