Semblance of Seasoning

posted 28 Mar 2003, 1PM | 8 Comments

the breezy morning hit me bright and heavy, the blending of spring into summer. me, khaki shorts and dark tee, no glasses, carrying my weezer lunchbox (soup, bagel, carrot) and stepping into a hot car. stoplights give way to highways, news feed gives way to eclectic music.

lovely and oddly time-stamped, as usual. i miss the spring/summer elements of all the junes i've spent in new england: walking on the waterfront, croquet by the town brook, long days building the golf course (tell me what you think of the smgc site redesign, which i launched last weekend) cooking on the barbeque grill, my old rope swing, smoking in the cemetary. guitar rock floating by a swinging hammock. falling asleep after bottles of bass.

and now, at the office, the radio plays drippy bubble-gum pop songs that make me long for my ice cream truck driving summers, seafood on a humid saturday evening.

these are the same season semblance sentiments i express every few weeks, over and over. they never stop surrounding me. but it's all still important, still happening. hee hee hee... ho ho ho...

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28 Mar 03 at 04:44PM alison said:

oh, ryan, the redesign is lovely. i've been wondering what's happened over at good old southers marsh.

oh, except on the photos page, where under clubhouse construction it says, "The series ... will continue to document progress until the building's anticipated completion in May 2001." i'm pretty sure it's built already.

i miss the snow, and rolling down hills at night.


28 Mar 03 at 05:17PM ryan said:

ooh. thanks, ali. fixed it. i haven't really been monitoring the evolution of content turning the past year or so. that's willy's job.

rolling down the back of the 14th green.... sigh.


28 Mar 03 at 11:32PM Adam said:

Sigh... remember bug zappers?


29 Mar 03 at 02:39PM Martha said:

(I hope heaven is like a New England June.)


29 Mar 03 at 05:29PM alison said:

there weren't any bug zappers, adam, don't you remember anything?


30 Mar 03 at 12:58AM Adam said:

Ah, crap. You're right. But I still wish I had one, maybe hanging right outside my window.

How embarrassing.


1 Apr 03 at 08:51AM Shaun said:



1 Apr 03 at 08:55AM ryan said:

Yes. Papyrus is truly everywhere.

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