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Daily routines, the endless radio feed.
Others have stated opinions clearly.
Articles awe me with the sad and endless complexity.
There's not much I want to say.

This will be the last explicit mention of the war here.
My site will be a place for other things, okay?

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21 Mar 03 at 01:07AM karen said:

that's how I feel too.


21 Mar 03 at 08:38AM dave said:

I've been weaning myself off the evil FoxNews channel and watching more and more BBC America coverage of the war. Apparently, the UK hasn't yet gotten the American Memo about the MTV Generation, and how we need quick-cuts and three news crawls to overcome our crippling ADD and actually watch the war. It's also kind of eye-opening to not hear the words "we" and "us" when referring to the war. Hearing "the US" and "Americans" in place of those articles, for some reason, makes the whole thing seem more dubious.

No more news crawls for me. I'm saving my crawl-tolerance for NFL Draft day.


21 Mar 03 at 09:53AM katia said:

I wish the world (or is it just U.S.) felt the same way as you: a place for other things.


21 Mar 03 at 01:07PM R. said:

I think they shoulda called it Operation National Release. We'd been tantrically edging toward this emission for months and months and months. Military blue balls.


21 Mar 03 at 01:51PM Magic Johnson said:



21 Mar 03 at 01:52PM Magic Johnson said:

Sorry, I got impatient. Bombing Baghdad has me on the edge of my seat.


21 Mar 03 at 01:53PM ryan said:

i agree, raza. on the subject, here's a slightly crude excerpt from an email i sent dave yesterday:

The strategy is brilliantly sad. BOMB THE SHIT OUT OF THEM ALL AT ONCE to kill morale, show our power up front, and scare everybody off.

It's like 10 or 25 years without war have left us with untapped agression and surplus defense budget, so we're just going to come all over Baghdad with our giant American cocks.

Like a cowboy monkey let out of his cage. Like a kid fighting waterballons with a firehose.

i don't normally quote emails that i send... but you don't mind, do you dave? don't make me start exposing some of your dirty croquet past...


21 Mar 03 at 02:25PM R. said:

Like a cowboy monkey let out of his cage.

Chimp, buttless chaps.


21 Mar 03 at 08:16PM Adam said:

I'm trying to make the same decision with mine.


21 Mar 03 at 11:49PM alison said:

bombs over baghdad was the last thing you posted on your blue sailor boy weblog, right before i met you.


22 Mar 03 at 01:49AM ryan said:

yes, indeed. i hadn't forgotten, i just didn;t see any reason to mention it or link myself. but thank YOU for doing it!

i still haven't pulled my thang out. not really.


23 Mar 03 at 12:30AM Liam said:

Big Boi and Dre running the show with Rumsfeld as their bitch...mission control in Hotlanta? Interesting... Had a great reprive to my day before sleep by checking out the Ali G show on HBO. Hilarious!!! A nice break from jackass reporters on Fox and the Info Minister of Iraq who I think could have a career after we finish bombing the homeland of modern civilization back to its roots. Perhaps Gen. Franks will reenact the Code of Hammurabi (sp?/ Melillo would kill me). Sorry for the rant...


23 Mar 03 at 12:31AM Liam said:

does the Onion count as a legit news source?


23 Mar 03 at 05:50PM V said:

I find myself nodding and smiling patiently when people bring up this mess of things.

I really don't have anything to say.

Not for right now, anyways.


24 Mar 03 at 01:40PM dave said:

of course you can use our email history up here, rye. how else will the world find out that Julia Stiles is in The Bourne Identity for absolutely no reason, and that the plot of The Majestic is actually the plot of Sommersby?


24 Mar 03 at 02:32PM dan said:

I am generally quite the news junkie, but lately I haven't even been listening to NPR, which I usually log about 4 hours a day. Its not that Im escaping, Id say its more to do with the fact that nothings shocking or new, everything is the same and as expected. They keep reporting the same crap over and over 24 hours a day. Now I could go on about how it is indeed a govt. conspiracy to make us not get real news and to make us not pay attention but thats redundent. I went snowboarding on fri and mtn biking all day sat, how greatly I need the feel of the trees and hills, just to let me know whos really in charge. Hope for natural disators.

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