form one: fertility doll 2002
i only know 1040 forms of love.
line 1:
single. line 2: married. line 3:
married filing
separate. return. line
5: year your spouse died.

6a: Yourself. if
someone else can claim you;
first. last.
social security. No.
of boxes checked on 6a and 6b.
check: lived with you, (if qualifying child) check: did
you (page 20). separation due to
6c not entered above.

tips, etc.
gain or loss. Capital.

interest deduction;
Schedule business if required.
17: partnership,
trust, etc. other real compensation
One-half of self-savings.

early withdrawal.
Penalty on
enter smaller of,

gross, adjusted.
35a: check if you were blind;
you were a dual-status, alien
to the total number
of additional form(s). $4,550.
Credit for the disabled:

line 57. household, the
amount you overpaid.
excess social, not reported.
request for extension 4136.

attach: 2002 estimated routing, true, correct
and complete.
Do you want to allow another
to discuss; the.
amount of (2001)
you want refunded to you

$ 0.33