Some pictures to prove we partied as hard as we say
yeah we got a little off the hook but I really feel comfotrtable around the girls man. When I'm talking to them its like we're right There. p> On the same page, ya know? maybe you don't.

Tonight Has been SWank/font>

When Ryan rolled into town last week, his timing was nearly synergistic. See, I just started preproduction for my Drewpy's new project, a scorching sequel to Charlie's aNgels, on which I am the script doctor. And I might pick up a "story by" or co-producer credit too. If the sex stays hot.

So anyway, I figured I'd need an assitant to get my coffee and call people and stuff, so I figured I hire Ryan, cause he needed work, and was looking to make some friends. That's where he met Cam, and they totally hit it off.

Today I picked up a quarter key from my guy in hollywood, and gave Ryan a little introduction to the virgin snow of kill-the-man-yay-o. The night's been one whipcrack zip from that point forward.

We blasted down the 101 to Malibu, where I been staying the last coupla weeks mostly, at Drew's beach house. The party continued there, with Ryan making sort of a total shithead out of himself in fornt of the girls, but Drewpy just giggled (like all fucking night no less) and CAmmy, as he calls her, seemed a little embarassed by his amuteur antics. But like whatever, he's one of my oldest friends, right.

We were gettin' kinda antsy, so we decided to go to the Promenade in Snata Monica, where we were sorta ambushed by some fans, who obviously celled the press and soon enough: fuckin circus time. Drew's been having a rough time since she finally scraped Tom off her shoe, and she was totally rocked as we all were, so she kept waving at the reporters and grabbin my ass and saying I was the only real fuck of her life.

It was great.

We climbed back into CAm's limo, and headed back to MAlibu up the 405. In the back seat, Drewpy and I were kinda groping each other, and I took a quick spoon up each nostril, and then I sorta passed out for awhile. When I woke up, I came outta the bedroom and found Ryan in a heated debate with the girls about some shit. He was all agitated, so I didn't want to get involved, adn besides I needed to book it to the can and puke just then. there were gonna nbe fvgd

Jesus. Just now Camm and I took a walk for an hour, did a couple lines abnd went out side to play with her pogoball and wash my car, and she took her limo home because she's shooting in the morning. Helluva girl. And now I get in here at at five thirty AM and find Andrew slumped over on my desk. Good shit, man. I guess he crashed pretty hard after tonight, and the way we were slinging things I can't blame him. Drew must have wandered off... Oh, jesus, no, she's sleeping on the futon. Damn she's sexy over there. We'll have to drag her ass in when we head over to the set tomorrow. I don't know how Awol managed to lose out on getting into that futon with her Angel Ass bu maybe I missed something

I yelled something earlier about putting shit up on the website, a send off maybe, so here I see he's done a bang up job seizing my computer and throwing some code together and, so I'm adding to it before I pass out tonight. Beautiful markup, awol.

Jesus. This webpage shit just... it's not the same anymore, you know? I've unplugged before, youll remember, during the summers, and the drive out here was great, and I didn't play on the web to much on the road. But that's not what I mean. I don't just need a break. You just give and post and write to the web, and we talk about community but it's all bullshit. You don't know me just cause you're reading my geek fucking webspeak. You don't fucking know me, man. I've met more incredible people in the last week than ever have typing text messages back and forth and commenting and trolling and putting up with people's anonymous crap, and all that meta meta self-congratulating BS.

Just being around the CA2 set has taught me so much about real vision, about chasing an idea through to it's completion and telling a story, a real story, what it takes to work and share and collaborate. Talk all you want about Hollywoon and corporate media but people out here really get it, man. I don't need to explain everything. Getting to know web people is pointless, becuase it's not like it gets you more people to lean on, to share your lives and good times with, it's just more flat emailing and brb and rotfl lol brb lol ttyl okay man hey and no one really talks or even writes letters anymore. weblog masterbation blah blah blah I just don't care. DSon't me like you fucking know me.

Whatever, this isn't worth typing about. I've got a new outlet now is all, and a comunity of close friends to expresswith, and the web just seems pointless now, this site. It's time to get some sleep, or maybe talk to Drew before Awol wakes up about the sci-fi satire she want's to write with me. I don't really want andrew cramping our style.

So Adrew can be a prick someitmes, yeah. But you take the ups and downs out here. A great fucking night, but then He didn't want me doing any more of hiscoke and spilled it all like you see and started yellng about how Hes the one with the gonnections and it's His shit and Who do you think brought you out here to these partys??? He can be a dick, but that's friendship and its still more fun than typingblah blah on the web. There are just so many people I want to work with out here.

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