December 8th at 12:40 AM



Jeremy and Alyssa were in a car accident this morning; they were rear ended on the way to school by a GMC truck that had trouble stopping on the wet asphalt.  The kids are fine, but Dad's '92 Camry might be totaled.  It was an accident in the purest sense, but GMC guy is technically at fault.  My Granada's brakes are toast, so we're short on transportation for a while.  Sometimes my family don't deal so well with hassles like this.  Dad talked to me about my financial situation, my debt, paying for car insurance before it gets cancelled, finding a new health plan, life direction.  These things are never priorities for me, and that worries him.  But this is the business of life in America, and I will need to get on the ball sometime soon.  Here are some deep thoughts.

After dinner, (Danish meatballs and egg noodles) Erik showed up and we did the usual, (lap around the block) then drank beverages (Earl Grey with honey) and talked (about computers and careers and comfort), and things got very warm (who cares about bad credit or the future, anyways).