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February 17th, 2000 at 10:21 PM

Who did what.


Today I woke up at 7:30. Then I took a shower and put on some clothes. Then I checked my email and drank a cup of tea. After that I tucked in my shirt and went outside and locked the front door. I didn't have any breakfast because we don't have much food at home. And also I couldn't make a lunch to bring, and didn't have any money to by some. I got in my car and drove to work.  I put a Tortoise CD into the CD player, to listen to on the way to work. On the way to work I was thinking, "Why don't they give us donuts at work? They should totally give us donuts, every day." (I was thinking this because I was really hungry!!!) For a while, I was caught in traffic, but I finally got to work at 9:10 AM. Late again!! ; )


I got a cup of coffee and walked toward my desk. Then, what did I pass but a box of donuts!! In fact, there were boxes of donuts all over the place!! I work at Long Technical College, and today was student appreciation day, so there were donuts everywhere for me to eat. This was good because I sure was hungry. I ate so many, I felt like a stuffed turkey!! : )


I spent some time working on my project. I drank some more coffee, and tried to look busy. Then, I found out that my boss was going to be grilling hot dogs and hamburgers out on the patio for lunch. So that took care of my lunch problem! I drank some more coffee and tried to look busy. I had two hot dogs and one hamburger, and a lot of candy left over from Valentines Day. I also ate a cupcake and some Sun Chips that I bought in the student lounge (I at least had 50 cents!) I was full of free food!!


Then I tried to work hard and do a good job. My body felt tired and kind of sore. When It finally came time to leave work, I drove straight home, but I almost ran out of gas!! I promised myself in the car that I would get some exercise, so after checking my email and surfing the web a little bit, I went jogging. I changed first, and did some stretching, and then left. I headed towards the park. It felt good to jog. I jogged for about 40 minutes, then came back really out of breath. I felt really alive, like I could do anything. I did some push ups and some more stretching, and then I took a shower. Boy was I ever stinky!  = ^ } 


After my shower I put on a comfortable t-shirt and some flannel boxers and I visited some sites on the Internet. I decided to call my friend Nikki in Boston because we haven't spoken in a long time. We know each other really well, and sometimes I think she's the closest friend I'll ever have. ; ) We were laughing hysterically and having a serious conversation at the same time. I know that doesn't make any sense, and you probably think I'm crazy, but it's true! It was just like that.


Then we were talking about my website. I started to realize that she didn't care for it that much. She didn't understand why I put so much writing and stuff on my web site. Then I started to wonder if my web site is just really dumb and a waste of my time. I told her that I felt like a part of a community. Also I told her that having an audience for my writing and ideas really helps my creativity. She didn't really respond to that. Anyways, when the conversation ended I didn't feel very good!


Then I called Kariann, and talking to her was nice like always. But during the conversation we realized that it was going to be too expensive for her to fly out to visit me. I tried to make some jokes but I think they were pretty dumb. When we hung up I was feeling really sad and disappointed!!


Then I got an email from my sister Alyssa who's fourteen and a half. The email was sad and beautiful and tragic. I'm far away from home, and I miss everyone so much. I don't know what I want to do with my life. Also, I realize that my web site is pretty much pointless. Now I'm going to go to bed because I really feel like I'm going to cry!!   : (