January 10th, 2000 at 11:05 PM



for a self-motivated person, I sure am spending a lot of time sitting around like I'm waiting for someone, and it's not so bad but I think it's about time to bust out and well, I wish it was that easy. At least I've been doing a bit of job searching.


Here, check out this and this.


I need to unplug for a while, I think.


Phoenix is a giant city in the middle of a dessert valley.  No, not a dessert valley, a desert valley.  Sweet lord.  On Saturday night Joshua and I went to A Giant Sand show in Tempe, and it was a great time. We sat right up front and watched as Howe, John and Joe improvised new songs and reinterpreted old ones.  Everyone had a pretty good time I think, including the van. And we had us a couple a beers, which was nice.  I put up some pictures of it all.


Today Joshua and I drove around in his  '69 Ford Econoline van that he finally got running.  Quite a luxury ride now that it starts and steers.  So many old vehicles around us these days.  My '79 Granada hit 50,000 miles on January first, 2000.  Peculiar.


I've recently discovered a great band called  Godspeed You Black Emperor.  They're a Canadian instrumental group that falls somewhere between The Rachel's, June of 44, My Bloody Valentine, Mogwai and Tortoise.  If you have the time or the bandwidth I recommend you go over to and download the show recorded at the Middle East in Cambridge.  It's beautiful.


I spoke to my Dad on the phone today about all kinds of financial stuff, phone bills and health insurance and checking accounts and business blah blah, and it all just made me sad.  Do they still have communes out in the prairie that you can join?


There's not too much going on, really.  Mostly I just sit here.