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WORDS help a person grab hold of another person, but you already knew that, eh? through various imaginings and four years spent working toward an degree in english, i have collected a great many words. you will also find poems and fictional pieces that have been waiting idle for many months. i am just starting to work on redesigning this portion of the site, so sxpect some significant changes soon. i also have about one hundred essays to add to this section.

PHOTOS contains my original photographs and snapshots, most of which were shot during the last year or so. the most recent of these, taken in and around and enroute to arizona, are organized into slide shows with captions. to see what there is to see, stop at the station or start with the breakdown. many of these photos are casual shots so that friends and family can get visuals to keep track of me but more and more i am trying to fill this space with images that resonate with beauty wonder. let me know what looks good to you.

THE SAGA began while i was living in pennsylvania as a constantly evolving network of interconnected pages i could use to express thoughts and feelings. it includes plenty of words, and a few pictures as well. the boggle page isn't a bad place to begin getting lost. i hope to add more eventually, but of late i have been pouring my heart-thought into frequent journal updates. also, follow the square trail of icons to read a series of quotations that intrigue me.

MUSIC becomes more important to me as each day passes, and this small section of sixfoot6 contains information on the songs i have helped to create and links to download them. you'll find my soviet parody of eminem's hip-hop smash my name is, along with some classic humorous recordings done with friends. the ac sessions page contains more serious avante-garde music recorded during the summer of '99 with my brother jeremy and our friend jonas.  i've contributed lyrics, vocals, percussion, guitar, and electronics elements to many of these songs.

PROJECT OMNI documents four friends and I "scientifically" testing and beating the crap out of a 1981 dodge omni hatchback over the course of two days during the summer of '97. i finally finished designing the site and composing the narrative last september. it's slowly gaining popularity, and it's certainly good for an hour's worth of laughs.

all content on copyright 2000 by ryan d. gantz, who is me, the person who came up with the design and wrote all of the words and took all the pictures. so don't go being a lame thief if you please.