is punching the clock, 9 to 5 to 9 to good afternoon! may i can help you? good mafternoon, may i take a message? I woke and ate cereal and readied myself to head to the office. walking to my car, i saw empty hawaiian punch juice boxes, nearly-worthless Buick LeSabres, asphalt stained with oil and gasoline and vinegar, empty bags from fast food franchises. is seeing small bits of gravel. here am i ready to play. let's go let's get it on! i am driving my guzzler to the office. Good morning can I may help you? This is clicky for wasting time. this looks great let me talk to my boss and get back to you just a moment a few minutes on the other line let me click hold on let me get back to you call you back just a minute sound great. thanks for your time consideration. I must pump to drive home to the office. I am saving the taxes for buying the SUV we are together. good hellow morning I cannot quit! I am today to see today red tape. My car is from out of state. I am from out of state. This is most common listen to music listen to number. Intolerable? Ha ha ha ha! Your last name your mother's maiden name where you were born to do you have your birth cerificate passport? On line please number B283 to window 12, number A721 to window 2, last call for B283 at window I'we had an appointment (white people) at exactly 4:10 (not patient pass driver test) for plate registration for lines for queue cue at window 17. Thank you for waiting. Your patronage is. Your care your license at please pull your car around for verification. (Dead battery. Smog success! For Visa thank you.) Thank you for shopping at our business. is coming to veritas is am was can does be as for to ready for to come in the mail. i have arrived for more SUVs. for higher the gas mileage. i cannot feel my face, these images creep in around here we have gone. These places. There are people in line. There are 75,000 buckoroons coming to me. Where are I going, where have my car been come from? Can I go to the cinema? In the red wine, sipping ever, i have had much of love and the breakdown of language.